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Jane’s View

January 23rd, 2009

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Jane Childers is the owner/director of three daycare centers in Port Angeles and Sequim, Washington and a long time volunteer and activist for kids, scouting, and public transportation.







Our daycare roots run deep here. I was so proud to see a picture in the Peninsula Daily News showing Tim Christman winning the 200-yard freestyle in a meet between Port Angeles and Sequim. Tim started swimming lessons when he was three years old through BoBaggins and now look at him go!

<b>Tim started swim lessons with BoBaggins at age 3 and now...!<b>

Tim started swim lessons with BoBaggins at age 3 and now...!



This Saturday Jane received her 50 year pin for 50 consecutive years as a Girl Scout! This picture is from the 1950’s when she first started in Scouting. Jane is holding the flag and smiling proudly.

Jane holding flag with Girl Scout Troop in the 1950's

Jane holding flag with Girl Scout Troop in the 1950's



Bo alum in Olympia, Washington

Elizabeth Ross a BoBaggins Alum at Olympia with Representative Lynn Kessler

Peninsula Daily News Port Angeles 1-26-09 Elizabeth Ross a BoBaggins Alum at Olympia with Representative Lynn Kessler

Elizabeth is another former Banbury & BoBaggin’s kid in the news of late.  She attended Preschool and Afterschool program & was in daycare Girl Scout Troop. Go, girl, go!



This picture of Jane receiving her award for 50 continuous years of Girl Scouting was in the January 28th edition of the Peninsula Daily News. Girl Scouting has been a long term part of the BoBaggins Daycare program.

Janes 50 year pin award for 50 consecutive years as a Girl Scout

Jane at her 50 year pin award ceremony for 50 consecutive years as a Girl Scout


Jane was quoted recently in a Seattle P-I article on a Boy Scouting issue she has been active in for years. When our grown son was a Boy Scout, the Seattle Boy Scout Council chose to log and sell wooded acreage willed long ago to Port Angeles Scouts by a local philanthropist. Jane worked hard to save Camp Kuppler, but lost that battle.  Then, years later, she was interviewed by a Seattle P-I reporter about her advocacy on behalf of local camps and kids. Her experience was that local assets, contrary to the plain intent and desire of the donors, were being sold and or logged for the financial benefit of larger urban councils once they took control and title. Now that interview has surfaced in a P-I investigative report. The segment with her quote and a link to the entire report is pasted below. Jane’s part in this is small, but right on point. Good job, Jane!


Chainsaw Scouting  1-29-2009


Profit trumps preservation for Boy Scout councils nationwide
They logged, sold thousands of acres of prime lands


For nearly a century, the Boy Scouts have worn a self-adorned badge as campsite conservationists and good stewards of the land.

“The Boy Scouts were green before it was cool to be green,” said the organization’s national spokesman, Deron Smith.

But for decades, local Boy Scouts of America administrations across the country have clearcut or otherwise conducted high-impact logging on tens of thousands of acres of forestland, often for the love of a different kind of green: cash.

A Hearst Newspapers investigation has found dozens of cases over the past 20 years of local Boy Scout councils logging or selling prime woodlands to big timber interests, developers or others, turning quick money and often doing so instead of seeking ways to preserve such lands.

“In public, they say they want to teach kids about saving the environment,” said Jane Childers, a longtime Scouting volunteer in Washington who has fought against Scouts’ logging. “But in reality, it’s all about the money.”

Scouting councils nationwide have carried out clearcuts, salvage harvests and other commercial logging in and around sensitive forests, streams and ecosystems that provide habitat for a host of protected species, including salmon, timber wolves, bald eagles and spotted owls.

Boy Scout councils have logged and sold for development properties bequeathed to them by donors who gave the lands with intentions they be used for camping and other outdoor recreation.

Hurray, the Bridge to Somewhere is open!

Today, February 24th, 2009, the 8th street bridges have opened. BoBaggins was there in force to celebrate and to have the kids participate in some local history.

Open House – Party:

Saturday, March 7th, BoBaggins celebrated its 25th anniversary. We had an open house, music, clowns, games, free hot dogs and birthday cake, oh yes, and snow.  The Joyce Fire Department brought the fire safety trailer. Rusty and Crash played guitar and fiddle and sang. The volunteer clowns were a big hit with kids and adults. Thanks, everyone!

Bobaggins Kids At Bridge Opening

BoBaggins Kids At Bridge Opening

BoBaggins Bridge To Somewhere.

BoBaggins on the Bridge to Somewhere

BoBaggins on the Bridge to Somewhere

BoBaggins Kids Cut Bridge Opening Ribbon with Council Woman – Sherry Kidd

BoBaggins Kids Cut Bridge Ribbon with Sherrie Kidd

Council Woman, Sheri Kidd, Enlists BoBaggins Kids to Cut Bridge Ribbon

Clowning Around at BoBaggins 25th Anniversary

Clowning Around at BoBaggins 25th Anniversary

Queen Lezlee at Bo 25th Anniversary

Queen Lezlee at Bo 25th Anniversary

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